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3D Marketing Bundle


  • Are you looking for captivating images and videos tailored for social media?

  • Are you eager to kickstart the marketing for your development before it's constructed?

If the answer is yes, then read on, because our 'Residential 3D Marketing Bundle' has been created with you in mind.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, grabbing attention is crucial.


That's why our bundle has been created to provide a stunning collection of images that command attention and leave a lasting impression.


The package comprises the three main visualisations that we would recommend to kick start the marketing for your new build residential development:


  •  an exterior view, from a viewpoint of your choice

  •  one interior view, illustrating a furnished room of your choice

  • a 3D floor plan showing the entire internal layout of your property

  • a video collection of these images, tailored for optimal performance on social media platforms and landing pages

Designed specifically for new build residential properties, the 'Residential 3D Marketing Bundle' is your ultimate solution for jumpstarting your marketing efforts even while your project is still under construction.

All this and more for
a fixed price of

only £1,650


“It's not just about buying a space;

it's about finding a place to call home”



You Will Also Receive​:

Our offer extends far beyond just visualisations.  In addition to receiving captivating 3D images and video of your interior, exterior, and floor plans, our bundle includes:


Social Media-Ready Assets:

  • The images and video will be professionally branded with your business logo, ensuring a seamless representation of your brand identity.

  • A  web link or QR code of your choice can be embedded within each image and the video, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

  • Tailored marketing annotations can be included, maximising the impact of your visuals and video across all platforms.


Comprehensive Support:

  • Onboarding briefing meeting via phone, Zoom, or email, ensuring a smooth transition and alignment with your vision.

  • Flexible options to include additional external or internal views upon request, ensuring your marketing needs are fully met.

  • Unlimited iterations of draft images for your feedback, guaranteeing satisfaction with the final result.

  • Unlimited review meetings via phone, Zoom, or email, providing ongoing support and refinement throughout the process.


Experience the difference with our 'Residential 3D Marketing Bundle', where expertise meets personalised service to elevate your development to new heights.


How We Work:

At Resolution Studios, we believe in working hand in hand with you throughout the entire journey of crafting your 3D visualisations. From the initial concept to the final product, we value your input every step of the way. 

Here's what  to expect in just four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Reach out to us via email or phone to start the conversation about your project, then share your plans and elevations with us to begin the creative process.

  • Step 2: After getting to know your plans and discussing your vision, we'll outline a clear timescale and dive into crafting your bespoke 3D images, ensuring attention to detail and precision.

  • Step 3: Embrace the collaborative spirit as we present draft versions of your 3D visuals for your valued input. This stage is your chance to provide feedback and refine the 3D model until it perfectly aligns with your aspirations.

  • Step 4: Once you're thrilled with the results, we'll proceed to render and deliver the final, high-resolution 3D visualisations. With these in hand, you'll be poised to showcase and sell your development with confidence.


If you're ready to jumpstart your new build residential marketing, why not reach out via email or phone today [contact details below].




At Resolution Studios, our track record speaks volumes about our dedication and expertise in delivering exceptional results. Here’s a small selection of  the numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, showcasing our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake. ​

--- --- --- --- ---

As a rule, I prefer to commission smaller companies, as they tend to demonstrate a closer interest in your objectives and tailor their services, and we weren’t disappointed.


The finished images exceeded expectations of the client, were well received by our consultants, and ultimately led to positive pre-app advice and a tentative recommendation to approve the proposals – the best anyone can hope for.

Bob Purton - Operations Manager, Harlow Council


--- --- --- --- ---

​The quality of CGI Imagery created was very high, and was something that stood out when we were searching for a company to produce high level CGI Imagery, we immediately knew that this was what was needed for our proposed project.


We are all very happy with the quality of the CGIs produced by Resolution Studios and look forward to working with them again when the opportunity arises.

Mat Casey - HRP Architects Ltd

--- --- --- --- ---


From start to finish, the team at Resolution Studios were very professional, supportive and produced an end result, which was exactly what we wanted.  I would highly recommend RS to anyone who needed their services!

Paul Yarnell - Yarnell Group

--- --- --- --- ---


Further examples of our work and additional feedback from clients can be found here.


Rest assured, when you choose Resolution Studios for your 3D images, your project is in safe hands. 


Ready to get started?

If so, then contact us today [details below] and we'll begin the creation of your 'Residential 3D Marketing Bundle', ready to kick start the marketing of your new build development.


Nothing extends the marketing window of your development, like 3D visualisations of your project, enabling you to start sharing your development with the world, and start generating interest, confidence and excitement in your scheme.


We look forward to hearing from you.




  • Resolution Studios reserve the right to withdraw,  amend or withhold this offer.

  • This offer is only valid for individual residential properties & house types with a maximum of 4 bedrooms.

  • If this is not what you are looking for, we will be happy to compile a bespoke package, give us a call to find out what we can offer.

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