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What information do you require to create a 3D visualisation of our scheme?

A question that frequently comes up, at the start of a project is:-

What information do you require to create a 3D visualisation of our scheme?

It's a valid concern and in this blog post, I'll provide you with an outline of the information we usually require to provide a quote and to complete a typical 3D project. I understand that every project is unique, but I hope this post will point you in the right direction.

To begin with, we usually ask for plans and elevations of the scheme. A PDF version is sufficient for us to work from and provide you with a quote for the 3D work. Of course, if you have mood boards, photos, or any other design information, it would be great to see them, as any additional design material can help us better understand your proposed scheme.

In addition to the design information, we also need to know the number of 3D images you require and the approximate camera angles, heights, and areas you want the 3D visuals to focus on. A marked-up site plan or floor plan is usually sufficient.

Once we have received the above information, we can take a closer look and get a good feel for the project. We may even give you a call to discuss the options and answer any questions you might have. We can also delve into the desired emotions you want the images to evoke and discuss how to appeal to your target market, if you are targeting a specific demographic. Together, we can explore how we can achieve the desired outcome.

Using the information provided, we will then be able to issue a quote for the 3D work. If it's an external project, sharing the postcode can be helpful so we can locate the site on Google Street View and gain a better understanding of the surrounding area.

Now, let's talk about the design information we’ll need, once you decide to proceed and instruct Resolution Studios to create the 3D visualisations for your project. First and foremost, we typically request the CAD files for the project. These files can be imported into our 3D CAD software, providing us with more accurate data to work with, compared to the initial PDFs.

Our process begins with building the structure and geometry of the scheme using our advanced 3D CAD software. As the model progresses, we gradually add materials and lighting, enhancing the realism of the visualisation. When providing design information on materials, visual representations, such as photos or weblinks are generally sufficient for us to create a tile-able version to use in our 3D scene. However, to ensure accurate colour matching, we also ask for colour codes or RAL codes if available for finishes. This ensures that the representation within our 3D model accurately reflects the proposed design.

The specific information required may vary depending on the project type and desired outcome. However, the following list provides a general outline of the information required for a typical project.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but will provide us with a solid starting point:

External Visualisation:

  • Plans [CAD files]

  • Elevations [CAD files]

  • Site plan [CAD files]

  • Landscape plan [CAD files]

  • Existing photos, if relevant and available

  • Postcode or Street View link

  • Brickwork colours or samples

  • Render colours and samples

  • Specific external furnishings unique to this project

  • Floor types & samples

  • Window colours

  • Door types

  • Soffits and fascias

  • Roof tile type and colours

  • Mood boards

  • Photos & links to any project-specific hardware

Internal Visualisation:

  • Plans [CAD files]

  • Wall elevations [CAD files]

  • Existing photos

  • Floor finishes

  • Skirting profiles

  • Wall colours

  • Ceiling colours

  • Wall features

  • Chairs, tables & furniture

  • Fabric samples

  • Lighting types

  • Feature furniture details

  • Planting

Please don't worry about having answers to all these questions upfront. We work with you throughout the development of the 3D model, issuing multiple draft images and incorporating your feedback. As the 3D model progresses, we continuously add design information and refine the 3D model.

Our collaborative approach involves issuing draft images for your comments and gathering feedback from you and your team. We then incorporate the feedback and the necessary design information into the 3D model, ensuring that the final 3D visualisation accurately reflects your proposed scheme.


In summary, to provide a quote, we typically need the plans and elevations [PDF is fine] and an indication of the desired camera positions for the views. Any additional information you have at this stage is more than welcome, but it's not the end of the world if you don't have all the answers right away.

Once you have decided to work with us, we will need additional information to begin building our CAD model of the scheme. Typically, we request the CAD files to kickstart the 3D modelling process. As the 3D model progresses, we continue to add more details, gradually constructing the 3D visualisation.

If you have a project that could benefit from a stunning 3D visualisation, please get in touch, between us we can work our 3D magic and generate a photorealistic visualisation of your scheme that will leave your clients in awe.


Jamie Wilkes has worked as a 3D visualiser and has over 20 years experience working with 3D CAD in the architectural industry. He is now owner and director of Resolution Studios, a 3D visualisation firm based in Halesowen in the West Midlands.

Starting out as an Architectural Technician, Jamie worked on a number of commercial and residential schemes, producing CAD plans, elevations & sections of buildings. After completing his Masters in Digital Architecture Jamie then followed his passion for 3D & took a role as a full time 3D visualiser working mainly in the leisure sector.

Resolution Studios was established by Jamie in 2008 and has since provided 3D visualisations, animations and interactive imagery for planning applications and marketing developments in many sectors throughout the UK and abroad.

Do you want to be making use of the latest tools and technology with your next project, if so then please get in touch and we can see how we can work together.

Email me at or 0121 674 40 20

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