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Smart Housing Yorkshire Conference 2023

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Resolution Studios website.

All of the videos from the Smart Housing Yorkshire Conference can be found below and a copy of the slides can be found here.

If you need any addition information, please get in touch.




Cinematic Animation

For me, the key benefit of a game engine is the seed at which the generate 3D graphics and frames.

Below we have a collection of cinematic animations that Resolution Studios have created using the Unreal Game Engine.



Real-Time Walkthrough 

The nature of a real-time walkthrough environment is to let the viewer explore a 3D world and have a unique experience.   Although pre recorded this footage was generated in real-time.



Design Interaction

But we are not just limited to navigation & viewing, game engines allow us to interact within this digital environment.


A good example of interaction with our design could be experimenting with different wall colours or viewing different floor finishes 


Enabling you to try out various design options before making a final decision.



Layout & Furniture

We can take this a step further, we can have multiple layouts or show different furniture types, 


This would enable the viewer to experiment in their own time

The options really are endless



Virtual Reality

This 3D content doesn't just have to be viewed on a PC monitor


In recent years as processing power has gone up, the cost of VR headsets has come down and VR is a great way to display our 3D content.

Those that have used VR will appreciate how amazing this experience can be, you are literally going from looking at a scheme on a monitor to being part of it. 



360 Virtual Tour

360s look good on a desktop, however they look amazing on a phone or tablet.

They navigate in much the same way, but there are some additional features, if you do have a go with your phone make sure you press the little compass icon at the bottom to enable motion control - Happy viewing :-)

To view the 360 virtual tour click here




Blog Post - Did I hear you right? Game Engines in Architecture!

I got that look again, as if to say

“Did I hear you right?”

The first time I encountered that look, was many years ago when I was looking for employment, after completing my Masters degree. The only difference this time was it was on a Zoom call, while chatting about a possible new project and not across a meeting room, mid interview.

What had I said to be given such a look, I'd simply mentioned how game engines can be used really effectively in architecture to show off our 3D work, but the reaction I got was more like the one I'd get, if I’d said something completely ridiculous - or maybe I had!

The full blog post can be read here

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